Earn Your Master of Arts in Teaching

With a 30-year history of success, the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program offers the tools needed to be successful secondary classroom teachers.

Earning a master’s in teaching is the right career choice because graduates consistently have a success rate of over 90% on the rigorous New York State Teacher Certification Exams and a job placement rate of 100 percent since 2016. Our students graduate with confidence and hands-on experience in the classroom built during an individually selected, full-year, mentored teaching residency included as part of the program.

The MAT program is a licensure-endorsing program that prepares you for the New York State teachers certification at the secondary level (7–12 grade). The program prepares you in the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, technology (K–12), mathematics, English, social studies, business and marketing (pre-K–12), computer science (pre-K–12), Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, Spanish and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Additional coursework is available to extend the grade 7-12 foreign language certification to the first grade level and other grade 7-12 content area certifications to the fifth and sixth grade level.

Program Benefits

  • Start making a difference in schools sooner. You may complete our program in just one year or more, whereas many similar programs require 18 to 24 months.
  • Build confidence and experience in the classroom with a full-year, mentored student teaching residency that is selected specifically for you.
  • Gain a network of colleagues while preparing for your student teaching residency at our unique MAT summer intensive “boot camp.”
  • Pass the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations. Our graduates have an overall pass rate exceeding 90 percent.
  • Obtain a teaching job when you graduate. Of our 2016-2021 graduates, 100 percent of those seeking positions have been offered teaching jobs in schools.

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Thanks to the MAT program and the faculty, everything aligned for me —I got an amazing internship at a fantastic high school and I had a teaching job even before the public schools posted their positions.
Isabell Shields
Instructor, Emma Willard School, Troy, NY

The MAT program at Clarkson is a 38-credit-hour program. This coursework will be focused around teaching and can be tailored to your subject of interest. Students can complete the program in as little as one year, or spread their studies out. Students who begin in the summer term (third week of June), should complete the degree within 12 months. Students starting in the spring semester (second week of January), should complete the degree within 18 months. Those who start the program in the fall semester (last week of August), should complete the degree in 22 months.


  • ED 500: Field Experience – Four days of structured observations in secondary schools. The Department of Education can help organize this. 
  • The equivalent of an undergraduate major in the discipline the candidate would like to teach.
  • Undergraduate liberal arts core including courses in humanities/arts, writing/communication, social sciences, STEM and one semester of foreign language. 
  • Educational Psychology (an undergraduate course, or independent study with Clarkson’s CRC Department of Education exam). 

Required Core Courses (9 Courses/29 credits):

ED 501 Teaching Practicum (1 credit)ED 541 Essential Reading Literacy (3 credits)
ED 502 NY State Teacher Requirements (1 credit)ED 544 Literacy for the Content Classroom (3 credits)
ED 503 Professionalism in Teaching I (1 credit)ED 550 Effective Teaching for All Learners (3 credits)
ED 504 Professionalism in Teaching II (1 credit)ED 551 Teaching Residency (Fall, 4 credits)
ED 511-16 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching (in the discipline in which the student will become certified) (3 credits)ED 552 Teaching Residency (Spring, 4 credits)
ED 540 The Psychology of Teaching with lab component (3 credits)ED 560 The Modern Teacher (3 credits)

Research Project (3 Credits):

  • ED 580 MAT Project (in the discipline in which the student will become certified)

Subject Area Courses (6 Credits):

Students complete two electives in the subject area in which they will be obtaining certification (six credits). Subject areas include:

BiologyEarth ScienceLatinSpanish
Business and MarketingEnglishMathematicsTechnology
Computer ScienceGreekSocial Studies 

The Clarkson Teaching Residency:

MAT graduate candidates complete a half-day, year-long residency in a secondary school, taking full responsibility for at least two classes. Students will be interviewed at the site(s) where they expect to intern. Entrance into the teaching residency portion of the program is contingent upon completion of Psychology of Teaching and the appropriate Curriculum and Methods course with minimum grades of “B” and with permission of the Chair.

Clarkson and the government offer grants and scholarships to help you pay for school. There is even a specific grant for prospective teachers.

Articulation Agreements

Students from select undergraduate institutions may be eligible for scholarships. Students generally need a GPA of 3.2 or higher to qualify. Please inquire with the Department of Education at 518-631-9870 for a list of partner schools and details.

Black Educators Initiative

Clarkson’s Master of Arts in Teaching full-year residency program supports Black teacher candidates with Black Educator Initiative scholarships (based on eligibility), mentoring, living stipends (between $3,000-$5,000 based on eligibility), affinity groups, emergency funds (to help with certification exams, an interview suit, car repairs…), and tutors. Grant recipients also earn the title of Fellow in the Black Educator Initiative program.

Clinically Rich – Intensive Teacher Institute TESOL Grant

The New York State Education Department has awarded the Department of Education at Clarkson University, the Clinically Rich – Intensive Teacher Institute TESOL Grant. This grant provides a $4,500 scholarship for up to 20 candidates per year in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Clarkson’s Education department may award additional funds to applicants who are eligible for additional grants and scholarships as matching funds.

Early Decision Scholarship

Scholarships are available for applicants to the Master of Arts in Teaching program who apply and are accepted early. Applicants intending to start in the Fall or Summer semester must have committed to attend by the end of the previous calendar year. Applicants intending to start in the Spring semester must have committed to attend by July 1st. Students will be eligible to receive the ‘Commit to MAT’ Education Scholarship. This award varies in value between $2,500 and $6,000 based upon the student’s application portfolio.

Education Department Scholarship

The Education Department Scholarship is the most prestigious merit award in the Department of Education at Clarkson University. Students’ applications are automatically reviewed for merit scholarship based on previous coursework and the rigor of their undergraduate portfolio

Emma Willard Fellowship

Clarkson University’s Master of Arts in Teaching program offers this fellowship in conjunction with the Emma Willard School, an all-girls boarding high school in Troy, NY. The fellowship awards a full-tuition scholarship, as well as a stipend, and room and board at Emma Willard, where the fellows live and teach a reduced course load. Fellows complete the Master of Arts in Teaching over two years, receiving the fellowship each year, and then are provided assistance with their career search.

Need-Based Scholarships

Clarkson University provides need-based tuition assistance to a limited number of students. To qualify, students must complete the FAFSA, as well as a need-based scholarship application.

Si Wai Teaching Fellowship

The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB) is seeking candidates from Clarkson’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program to serve as teachers. The English-speaking school, which was founded in 1990, educates more than 400 students (preschool through grade seven) from 21 different countries. Teachers do not need to speak Chinese to be considered for the fellowship.

Special Scholarship Opportunities

Clarkson University is fortunate to receive unique scholarships from generous donors. There are also scholarships designed to support students who grew up in Schenectady or the Capital Region. Applicants are encouraged to inquire about other current opportunities.

STEM Up NY Noyce Scholarship

Clarkson’s STEM Up NY program provides up to 20 scholarships to aspiring teachers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects to help address the shortage of secondary teachers for those subjects in high-need schools. Scholarship recipients receive $20,000 for their undergraduate senior year, $20,000 for the year it takes to complete their Master of Arts in Teaching and extensive support in preparing for and securing their first teaching positions.

Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) Grant

The New York State Education Department has awarded the Department of Education at Clarkson University, the Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) grant. This grant provides a $5,400 scholarship for qualified candidates from historically underrepresented groups. This award recognizes the quality of Clarkson University’s MAT program, as only 8 of the over 200 teacher education programs in New York State received this funding.

The Dean’s Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarships are the most prestigious merit awards in the Department of Education at Clarkson University. Students are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on previous coursework and the rigor of their undergraduate portfolios.

The Schenectady Foundation Scholarship

The Schenectady Foundation Scholarship is awarded to one student every year. The successful candidate will have graduated from Schenectady High School or a high school in Schenectady County. The candidate will complete the full-year teaching residency at Schenectady High School and must express intention to pursue a teaching position in the district or in a high need setting. The scholarship awardee receives $7,500 in tuition support from the Schenectady Foundation which is matched by Clarkson University.

Williams Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Harriet and Roscoe L. Williams, whose lives of dedication and service enriched schools and communities in the Dutchess County, Adirondack and Capital District regions of New York. The Williams family provides scholarship assistance to highly qualified MAT graduate students who are preparing for careers in classroom teaching and educational administration in New York state.


In addition to scholarship, students may be eligible to receive transfer credit or course waivers for previous study. Course waivers and transfer credit reduce the cost of earning a degree at Clarkson University.

Other Scholarships

The Williams Scholarship, Bauhofer Scholarship and the Allen Scholarship celebrate the dedication of individuals preparing for careers in the classroom.

Admission Requirements

A complete application consists of the following:

  • Online Application Form
  • Resume.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation.
  • Official Transcripts.
  • Faculty Interview.
  • For International Applicants, an English Proficiency Test is required.
    • Minimum Test Score Requirements: TOEFL (80), IELTS (6.5), PTE (56) and Duolingo English Test (115).


  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • The equivalent of an undergraduate major in the discipline the candidate would like to teach.
  • Undergraduate liberal arts core, including courses in humanities/arts, writing/communication, social sciences, STEM and one semester of foreign language.
  • Educational psychology (an undergraduate course, or independent study with Clarkson’s CRC Department of Education exam. Must be completed prior to summer intensive; can be completed in fall or spring in the first year if students select the two year program).
"I find these students to be strongly advanced and better positioned to take on the role of being classroom teachers compared with what we typically see in new hires. In essence, I have found that the MAT new hires have hit the ground running. It is also apparent these new MAT teachers have demonstrated higher levels of efficacy in regards to content knowledge, preparedness, pedagogical skills and professionalism."
Clarkson University Seal in green, white and gold
Dr. Stanley Harper
Superintendent of Schools, Salmon River Central School District

The Growth Mindset

The Clarkson Difference

"The cornerstone of Clarkson's Master of Arts in Teaching is the full-year teaching residency. Schools that hire our graduates consistently cite the unique and in-depth residency experience as the reason Clarkson rises to the top of the profession. The time has never been better to consider a career in teaching as the field is changing rapidly in creative and dynamic ways. And, jobs are plentiful. In fact, 100% of graduates from the Master of Arts in Teaching program have received job offers since 2016!"
Catherine Snyder
Chair of Education


The MAT program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher EducationAssociation for Advancing Quality in Educator PreparationTeacher Education Accreditation Council and the New York State Education Department.

Clarkson University is a member in good standing of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). The following programs have been awarded full accreditation by AAQEP through June 30, 2026:

Full accreditation acknowledges that a program prepares effective educators who continue to grow as professionals and has demonstrated the commitment and capacity to continue to do so.

The full-year residency in a K-12 school placement is a key component of our MAT program which positively impacts the development of our pre-service teachers. Because of the residency, our candidates get hired! The demand in our state and nation for highly qualified teachers to join our profession can not be stressed enough. While teaching at the K-12 level is not an easy career, it is personally and professionally rewarding. It's my distinct pleasure to be one of the members of our team that guides our teacher candidates on their journey toward their degree and New York State teacher certification, thus impacting the lives of young people everywhere.
Nicki Foley
Assistant Director, Education Program

If you are interested in learning more, have questions or are ready to apply, contact:

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Jacob Johnson
Graduate Recruiter
Clarkson University