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Clarkson University’s Reh School of Business is different — on purpose. Our undergraduate business major programs stand out because they are designed to prepare students to meet the needs of the world’s most innovative companies. Our students take courses in a variety of subjects and participate in hands-on projects, internships and co-ops, which all culminate in a knowledge and experience base that makes them extremely marketable to employers.

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Early Decision deadline for Fall 2022 admission: December 1, 2021
Regular Decision deadline for Fall 2022 admission: January 15, 2022

1 in 5 Alumni is a CEO, president, owner or a senior executive of a company
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One of the reasons why Clarkson’s David D. Reh School of Business is lauded as one of the best business schools in the nation is because we are different—in a good way. Our undergraduate business programs stand out because we design curricula and experiences outside the classroom in partnership with business leaders and proven entrepreneurs, to meet the targeted needs of the world’s most innovative companies.

These companies seek students who can ignite ideas across people and fields, and lead across the traditional boundaries of marketing, economics, finance, accounting, human resources, international relations and organizational communications. Students who bring solid business know-how with insight into engineering, global supply chain management, financial analysis, data analytics, information systems and more.

That’s exactly the type of career-launching business education you will receive at Clarkson. You will graduate with the confidence and resume that show you have the mindset, skillset and experience needed for outstanding career opportunities. And it’s those unparalleled career placement rates (97% in your chosen field) and great starting salaries that also drive national recognition of the Reh School of Business.

"In high school, I had narrowed my college choices to Cornell or Dartmouth, where I went to soccer camp. But when I visited Clarkson, they told me I would start my own business. That’s what I wanted, but no other school made it so clear: I would — not just could — start my own business. That put me on the road to realizing my goal."
Courtney Black - Innovation & Entrepreneurship/CEO & Founder of FourScore Jeans
Courtney Black
Innovation & Entrepreneurship/CEO & Founder of FourScore Jeans

The Right Experience

As a Reh School business student, you’ll open yourself up to impactful experiences that are rarely found all together anywhere else.

You will…

  • Start as a business studies major, taking a variety of business courses to solidify your foundation and help you decide a more specific path.
  • Form a team with other business students and formulate a plan to start your own business during your first semester. Then you’ll pitch your business idea to real investors for real start-up money.
  • Run your business and earn the right to put acronyms like CEO, CFO and CMO after your name during your second semester.
  • Have a professional advisor assigned to you on day one to help you navigate the college experience
  • Have an international experience, whether on a 2- to 3-week trip to places like Croatia, Argentina and Switzerland or for a semester at one of our 50+ study abroad partner universities in 27 countries.
  • Also be able to take advantage of the incredible internship and co-op opportunities offered through partnerships at top companies such as IBM, Lockheed Martin, the Walt Disney Company, Johnson & Johnson, National Grid, Procter & Gamble, Target and Estée Lauder.
"While Clarkson has an outstanding reputation for engineering, the Reh School of Business is also noted for its excellence. I was able to start a business in my freshman year and take a variety of courses that diversified my skill sets in all aspects of business — marketing, supply chain, information systems, finance and so much more. The opportunities for learning never stop; I even decided to push back my graduation date in order to go on co-op for a year. The experience will be well worth it."
Connor Bayly Financial Information & Analysis
Connor Bayly
BS Financial Information and Analysis